Aquarium for beginners.
On this page advice to beginning fans of an aquarium
the Purpose of the author is given to help to avoid standard unnecessary errors which can discourage for a long time to be engaged, this fascinating business which according to the author brings a great pleasure and strengthens nervous system presently stresses .

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You have decided to purchase an aquarium. Decide what form and what level you hotite.Na date form, you can order any, but consider what an unusual shape, the harder it is to care for it. I propose to draw attention to a more convenient form for aquariums, the most common: rectangular, with length up to 60% greater than the width and height in my opinion the most convenient, then the so-called "screen", where the height of 60-65% greater than the width, these reservoirs convenient for High body fish (scalar) and the last type of aquariums: that often nazavyyut "trough", their length is much greater than the width and height, they are suitable for small schooling fish that live near the bottom (danio, neon, etc.) My personal I- tion form, naimnee convenient fishbowl because he is very mutilates any form of fish and should not be placed on the sunlight, because works like a lens and can become the initiator of fire under certain conditions. We have reviewed with you types of aquariums, will continue to further familiarize themselves with the aquarium. Opredilimsya with the volume of the aquarium, have experienced aquarists there is a rule, the greater the volume, the easier it is to care for it, if you allow the living conditions, better buy aquariums of 400-500 hp, if you can not, then at least of 100-150 hp. Hopefully with the aquarium you opredililis. You must decide what and where to place it, because it is important to note you must be a free service area of the aquarium on top of at least 40 cm, because You need to feed the fish and sometimes clean glass vodoema.My with you a little distracted. We must find room for the reservoir, optimally immediately buy a rack for the aquarium with equipment that is required for normal biobalansa in an aquarium. Let us decide that the most important when installing the aquarium and its location :
1. The aquarium should be on an equal surface and on a reliable support, the area under an aquarium should be equal and rigid.
2 On an aquarium the direct sunlight since it will result also to fast flowering of water and destruction of fishes should not get, it when water gets green color, it is caused by rapid growth of green seaweed which in a considerable quantity consume oxygen from water
If want look that such flowering of water
You have chosen a place for an aquarium and a support, the equipment that inhabitants of our reservoir felt comfortably further is necessary that for this purpose it is necessary.
1. Lights, for which she needed to feel comfortable fish and plants, if you planted. My opinion is convenient to use fluorescent lamps, they give light bluish color and the fish looks great, the color is good for plants, because close to the ultraviolet, while covering the plants grow well.
2.If YOU have bought a rack for an aquarium with the equipment you do not have any problems since to you remains only on - To lay down a ground in an aquarium, to plant plants, to fill in water and to include the equipment. Probably, it is expensive to you, in the light of today then let's save a little. For normal functioning of an aquarium the following is necessary: the compressor with hoses and sprays, it is desirable with two exits for air hoses. Ask the seller of what capacity the compressor since the low-power water column 30-40 see will not pump over also you in vain will spend money.
3.Pump: submersible can be both filtered and exterior with an external filter to remove haze from water and food remnants. Optimum pump is calculated as follows: it must be pumped through a whole volume of water for 1 hour, allowed 2 hours. Sprayers compressor should be kept at the bottom or near the bottom, to bring air into the water, the equipment must operate continuously, otherwise you can die and your residents.
4.Heating or cooling, depending on where you live and what Keep inhabitants, is located on the bottom or near the bottom with a thermal relay, for exhibiting the desired temperature. Remember, the cooling equipment is considerably more expensive than heating.
5.There is one thing not unimportant, the rear wall of the aquarium should be obscured, because Fish are trying to adapt to the surrounding background, if you have a light background behind the aquarium, then the fish will try to get more faded color. It is desirable to color the back wall shall be black, dark green or dark blue.
6.The ground, is better if buy in shop, it should be the coarse sand and stones. Very beautifully look in a snag aquarium, do not buy a light ground since fishes will get faded colouring, it concerns also light marble.
Let's bring an intermediate result. You know that it is necessary for you, for normal functioning of your reservoir. It is a little about ground placing, it is desirable to place a ground with a bias from a back wall to a lobby, such placing of a ground optimal. Now you should solve, as your aquarium should look inside. Let's arrange small digression on design of an aquarium. There are many design thoughts on veneering, suggest to look at some of them.

I.Aquarium The Dutch type in my opinion the most difficult on execution and on care of it if it is pleasant to you speaking in images a rainforest it is your aquarium. In what complexity: and. Should be not less than 10-20 kinds of plants, it is necessary to know their maximum height of growth, insistence to light and a ground.
б.Landing should the plant is made by terraces, the more, the more close to a back wall of an aquarium since the big plants will oppress small and their destructions will lead.
в.For plants such as ferns or other ehinodorusa need boiled peat, for the normal growth of plants thickness of soil min.4-5 cm, or put the plants in pots with peat hooded top with stones. Top should Najo ditsya coarse sand and small stones. For this aquarium is desirable 150-200 l m more of the fish looks great flocks of fish families haratsinovyh (10-12 pcs.). By kinds we will list in Latin that it was easier to communicate with sellers:
а.Paracheirodon innesi, Paracheirodon simulans, Paracheirodon axelrodi, Nematobrycon palmeri, Inpaichthys kerri, Brachydanio rerio, Brachydanio nigrofasciatus, Brachydanio rerio var. frankei, Brachydanio albolineatus.
II.This aquarium can be called mixed: most beginners akvaumistov gravitate directly to him, because try obyat neobyatnoe. I beg you to stop, reflect and read a bit of fish species, what you like: a). What size adults and their "character" and you will avoid not needed razocherovany b). Claim to water, ie water hardness and ph.
III.Aquariums figuratively speaking attachment to the biotopes fish habitat (the best for keeping fish). Here are examples - are African cichlids, because hard water in Lake Tanganyika and Nyasa, the vegetation in the aquarium will be absent and need to create a maximum of niches for fish from the bottom nearly to the surface, due to the fact that the species inhabiting these lakes territorially and stronger individuals will supplant the weaker, but if you want to have plants in the pond, then use iskustvevnnye that must be privyzany to the stones. This observation holds true in many species of cichlids, in more or less severe form of behavior.
IY. Rather recently there was a family considerable quantity (Mastacembelidae) and (Cobitidae) it similar, very "extravagant" kind, consider all of them soil, i.e. bury in a ground and from a ground the head is put out only.
Y.Few talk about the African pike and KGS. The concept of pike speaks for itself, the fish is in a secluded spot and waits for prey, fish with a very short life cycle. My personal opinion on the behavior of the soma is much more interesting for the last time came in a very large variety of species, so choose your.
FEEDING: What food is better - this is a rhetorical question. Of course living, but they are troublesome to obtain, if you want to do that and maintain, so we offer a simpler option - a frozen food, they offer a large number of sellers. Just ask pradovtsa are suitable for your fish. A bit of dry food, their pluses and minuses. Plus, do not need anything just took something to eat. Cons it floats on top, until the wet, if you are in an aquarium is a bottom, as pelagic, there is a problem. While not nasytyatsya pelagic, benthic and bottom will get very little, and eating fish, very bad, so I campaign for your frozen food. They should throw in different places, if you have fish living in different strata of water. Another small note, we recommend undernourish little fish and one day not feed at all.
You know the fish is also subject to a large number of diseases. We will not be with you deeply touch this issue, it is quite difficult in my opinion and leave it to specialists (ihtiopatolagam). Some visual observations of abnormal behavioral: а). If fishes gregarious, and one is out of flight it is abnormal
б).If feeding fish do not seekto feed is not normal behavior
в). African cichlids, if they begin to persecute one individual, it must be otsadit. I think everything necessary from my point of view, you know, the rest of you priobritete experience.
Hope this tutoring will bring you many pleasant minutes!


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